La Belle Vie Offers a Vegan Wine Tour and Partners with Miyoko’s Creamery

La Belle Vie tours offers a vegan wine tour that begins at Charlie’s Acres, where visitors can fall in love with their many animals and ends with a visit to two wineries that offer vegan wine tastings and a vegan box lunch.  La Belle Vie tours is also one of the founding members of Miyoko’s Wine Country 2.0 campaign which you can learn about in this story on Miyoko’s Creamery.  

Michelle Rulmont, the owner, and head wine tour director at La Belle Vie stated that “We are honored to be one of the founding members [of Wine Country 2.0] and that means we’re spreading the word about the options here in Sonoma Valley and trying to create some awareness with wineries and restaurants.  People want vegan options.”  

Feature Photo by Spencer Asher

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