About Me

Hi, my name is Spencer and welcome to my website.  I live in Santa Rosa, California and I am excited about the vegan food options in Sonoma County!  I cover vegan news such as restaurants, events, and animal sanctuaries.  My Bachelor’s is in Philosophy with a Concentration in Social Justice and I have a Master’s Degree in New Media Journalism.  I believe that social justice should extend beyond people to the animals of the world, and I want to write about it!

I got excited about vegan food in my senior-seminar philosophy of food course when I wrote a research paper on a local non-dairy creamery.  I realized how amazing plant-based food is for health and the environment.  I also volunteered at a farm sanctuary and learned how awesome the animals are.  They truly are our friends!  I worked on an ad-campaign for another non-dairy creamery in an advertising class.  It is easy to advertise something that is so ethical and delicious!

I write about vegan food so people know where to eat plant-based in Sonoma County.  I want to show people how many plant-based options they have!  I write stories on vegan restaurants and review their popular dishes and I also cover vegan events, such as farmers markets or farm sanctuary tours.  I want them to go to the restaurants and events I feature and come back for more!  Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram if you want to stay informed on all things vegan in Sonoma County.

I give my audience a blog covering plant-based restaurants and events in Sonoma County.  I explore what is vegan, why it is delicious, and why it is ethical.  I will enable my audience to find vegan food and know what to order.  

I enjoy activities such as mountain biking, paddle boarding and hiking with my dog.  You can catch me watching sports and eating vegan cheese and crackers along with a cold craft-beer. Join me and explore the wonderful tastes and smells of plant-based food in Sonoma County!