Oatly Makes Ice Cream that is Satisfying and Sustainable

Mint Chip, Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry Flavors. Photo: Spencer Asher

With Summer approaching and things starting to heat up, people are looking to cool down.  Oatly is one of many delicious vegan ice cream options that are sure to satisfy any ice cream lover.  Their classically simple flavors will make you appreciate ice cream for what it really is; a sweet and creamy dessert with recognizable flavors.

“The global non-dairy ice cream market is witnessing significant growth from recent years.  This growth is attributed to the rising incidences of lactose intolerance and various other milk-related health issues, growing plant-based milk production, technological advancement, and product innovation for enhancing taste” according to an article by Impact News Service.  

It is no wonder why products like Oatly are taking center stage in the frozen dessert aisle.  Some people may feel guilty about eating too much ice cream.  Now they don’t need to feel guilty about harming the environment or the animals.

When you want to cool down in the coming months, try choosing an ice cream brand like Oatly.  It is a delicious alternative to dairy that will amaze you with its impressive texture and flavors.  Make the switch to vegan ice cream and try Oatly today!

A Cone of Strawberry Oatly. Photo: Spencer Asher

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