David Asher Explains His Experience with Racism and Megan Burke Gives Her Explanation of the Issue

Racism is a very common issue in our society.  It affects people on the individual and the group level.  

David Asher’s Experience With Racism. Interview by Spencer Asher.

David Asher is one example of an individual affected by racial discrimination.  He was bullied as a kid for being half Japanese and experienced racism as an adult in the workplace.  David gave the advice to others who may be experiencing racism to “never let it make you bitter, try to understand it and see the other person’s point of view, don’t be necessarily weak about it, stand up for yourself and defend yourself and don’t take the second seat in anything.”  

Philosophy Professor Megan Burke on Racism. Music: Sailing by Telecasted

Megan Burke, a philosophy professor at Sonoma State University concentrating on social justice explained that, “we have to really be willing to take a good look at how our institutions work, how they rely on racial inequity, and then be willing to change those processes.  I think that is a lot harder to do because it will require some massive social shifts.” 

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