The Slice of Life Serves Up a Quinoa Bowl That Doesn’t Disappoint

The Slice of Life in Sebastopol
Photo: Spencer Asher

The Slice of Life originally opened in Cotati in 1974.  Now they are in Sebastopol and owned by Keith and Chloe who are both vegetarians.  According to their website, “they truly enjoy providing the community with fresh, local and vibrant food.”  

The Slice of Life has many vegan entrees on their menu such as Avocado Toast, Cali Burrito, and Classic Burgers and Fries.  The eggs in their dishes such as their Breakfast Burrito can be replaced with tofu and all their cheese can be vegan.  One of the most exciting and popular dishes on their menu is their ‘Quinoa Love Bowl.’ 

The ‘Quinoa Love Bowl’ at The Slice of Life is made with “tri-color quinoa, raw kale (steamed upon request), sea palm, carrots, cabbage, local beet/cabbage sauerkraut, sunflower sprouts, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower-tahini garlic sauce” according to their website

Julieanna Hever, a registered dietitian and nutrition columnist for VegNews, explained the nutritional benefits of The Slice of Life’s ‘Quinoa Love Bowl’ in an interview.  Hever stated that, “Kale is one of the most health promoting foods.  It is extraordinarily nutritionally dense.  It has a wide array of phytonutrients.  It is considered both a leafy green and a cruciferous vegetable.  It has antimicrobial, anti-cancer, and cardioprotective benefits.  There is a compound in it called isothiocyanate which fights cancer.”  She explained that “carrots are good for your skin, vision and immunity.  Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable and offers some other phytonutrients similar to kale.  Sauerkraut acts as a form of prebiotics and probiotics and is good for gut health and the gut microbiome.   Sprouts are incredible and healthy foods that are sprouted makes the absorption better.  Pumpkin seeds are really good for your skin and immune function and are high in vitamin E.  Tahini is a wonderful source of calcium and the fats in the sauce will help absorb the fat-soluble nutrients in the rest of the bowl.”  Hever stated, “you’re getting all the benefits of a wide range of nutrition in this bowl.  It is a very hardy and satisfying food and you are not missing much nutritionally.”  

Hever also explained that “a whole food plant-based diet is the only diet we know of that has been shown to actually reverse advanced stage cardiovascular disease and type two diabetes.  It is associated with a decreased risk for hypertension, hyperglycemia, high cholesterol, certain cancers, and obesity.  It is good for the planet, good for the animals, and extraordinarily good for humans.”

Pearl Nelson, an experienced waitress at The Slice of Life, explained in an interview that their ‘Quinoa Love Bowl’ is “one of their top three most popular items.”  Nelson explained that people “always know what Quinoa is.  People who come here are more knowledgeable about their food, where it comes from, where it’s made.  Everything is organic and locally sourced.”  “The customers say they love it”, said Nelson, “they love the tahini sauce and always want more tahini sauce.  People love the steamed kale and prefer it steamed.”  Nelson described why she likes the Quinoa Love Bowl and said that “I really enjoy the texture of the quinoa in the mouth and the sunflower sprouts give it a nice peppery taste and the crunch of the pumpkin seed with the sweetness of the carrot.”

Trying the ‘Quinoa Love Bowl”, it had very bright colors from the carrot and dots of sunflower seeds with green from the sauce and purple from the cabbage.  It didn’t have a very strong aroma, only a fresh vegetable smell.  The taste was very fresh.  The mild tastes contrasted with the pickled cabbage.  The texture was chewy and grainy but also had soft cabbage along with crunchy carrots, sprouts, and sunflower seeds to give it an interesting mouthfeel.  It was served warm, and the flavor was mostly pickily, fresh, and earthy.  

The Slice of Life is an amazing restaurant for people looking for healthy, vegan, and vegetarian dishes.  They have a large menu with lots of variety that promises a delicious dish to just about anyone.  Come try the ‘Quinoa Love Bowl’ or another one of their wonderful dishes at The Slice of Life in Sebastopol.  You will love it!

The Slice of Life’s ‘Quinoa Love Bowl’
Photo: Spencer Asher 

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