The Sunday Farmer’s Market Serves Up Mushrooms, Vegetables and Vegan Pumpkin Curry

 The November 21st Farmer’s Market in Sebastopol was a pleasant event with music and lots of friendly people.  Sporgy Mushrooms was there, selling medicinal mushroom jerky, supplements, and tea.  Adam Alexander, the co-owner of Sporgy Mushrooms, stated that they began about six years ago.  

He explained that the animals people can use these mushroom products to replace are “Beef because most of the mushrooms we carry have a good supplement of protein.  The Maitake Mushrooms are really effective for that.  They also have a high vitamin D content, so they also replace a lot of dairy.” 

Alexander stated that his most popular product is “a tough call between our blue dream tea which is a bright blue tea that helps promote lucid dreaming and relaxation and our barbequed jerky.”  

He explained that his personal favorite product “would have to be our energy extract.  I use it all the time before I go to the gym”, he said. “It has cordyceps and maitake in it.  That helps give me a second wind during my workout.  There’s also nettle in there which helps with joint inflammation which is good if you’re working out a bunch and helps with the uptake of other nutrients.”  

Alexander stated that what makes their products sustainable is that “we get our mushrooms locally sourced and are replacing beef jerky which is really detrimental.  Our teas are concentrated enough to be able to brew multiple times so instead of using single use tea bags we can get a couple uses out of one tea bag.”

Alexander said that to support a plant-based diet for people, Sporgy Mushrooms “provides recipes on our website to help encourage people to cook with mushrooms.  We also have dried mushrooms for people to cook.  The other thing we do is make our stuff really nutritious so people on a plant-based diet get more of a full spectrum diet.”

The Farmer’s Market is known for selling a lot of produce which is essential for people on a plant-based diet and multiple produce stands were seen at the Market.  There was also an Indian Food Stand selling multiple vegan dishes.  One of their dishes was a Pumpkin Curry that was sweet and spicy, served with naan, and perfect for a cold fall day.  

The Farmer’s Market will always be a place to get vegetables and other interesting products like the medicinal mushrooms. There are also other vegan-friendly products like craft hot sauce and homemade pasta.  Between the mushrooms, the vegan food stand, and the many other vegan products, there were plenty of options for plant-based seekers. 

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